Basement Water Intrusion

The goal is to drain all water away from the home's foundation, water from the roof, wind driven rain against the siding and water on the soil of the property.

Gutters & downspouts may also need to be repaired, adjusted, extended or replaced for better drainage.



Pitching the soil grade near the foundation:

Remember the Rule of a standard Formula of 666.

Start at exposing the face of the foundation a minimum of 6 inches. Pitch the soil grade 1 inch per/foot out to 6 feet away from the foundation around the perimeter of the home.

Any place 6 feet out around the home where the lower end of the pitch ends up being below the current soil grade is probably a good location to install a drainage swail on the property.

Have a qualified excavation contractor provide a cost estimate to pitch the grade away from the home to a swale or drainage pit with aggregate or drainage to the edge of the property.