Home Consultation (on-site)

On-Site Home Consultation is a visual and non-invasive analysis. There is no written report for this service. The purpose of this consultation is to inform and educate the client on-site of potential property deficiencies that stand out in specific areas requested.  This consultation is not intended for real estate transactions.

Description:   the home inspector will perform an On-Site home analysis, walking throughout the home with the homeowner. During this time the inspector is analyzing the major components of the home looking for visible evidence of problem areas. The inspector will offer verbal analysis and recommendations for addressing each problem area.

Unlike a home inspection designed for a real estate sale transaction, there are no cost estimates or report forms to fill out. This service is designed to be a cost effective and valuable tool to the homeowner, providing information to assist the homeowner in addressing issues that negatively effect the home and occupants.
If and when it comes time for the home to be put on the market, a complete home inspection designed for real estate transaction is recommended and commonly paid for by an interested buyer. Optionally, many home owners choose to hire home inspectors to perform  a pre-listing home inspection.
Some interested buyers will opt-out of hiring an inspector if the home owner took the time and expense to address deficiencies in the home, many times streamlining the whole process.